Applying Formative and Summative Assessment in a Different Way

  • A type of Assessment used with Project and/or Performance Based Learning

  • A most successful when students help develop the goals or topics of learning (essential/guiding questions)

  • Students must also be aware of and preferably take part in the development of the assessments (typically rubrics)

  • Because of the long term nature of this type of learning, projects and related assessments often have staged expectations and therefore staged summative assessments.

    • Formative Assessments as part of the process.

      • Don't confuse staged summative assessment with formative assessment!

    • Summative Assessments based on stages of expectations and culminating activity, project, or product.

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Assessment as Process

Project Based Learning
Gold Standard PBL: Essential Project Design Elements
Gold Standard PBL: Essential Project Design Elements

  • Assessments should:
    • Relate directly to the learning goal, driving/essential question, objective.

    • Be planned before the lesson is written or taught.

    • Relate to assessment criteria identified for the unit